Our customers come from many different fields.

Nearly all well-known automobile manufacturers and aviation companies as well as many suppliers at home and abroad have been using cleanLASER in series production for years.

The flexibility and market maturity of cleanLASER make the technology accessible to a wide range of users.

AUDI TT Laservorbehandlung cleanLASER



In the automotive sector alone, cleanLASER offers almost 20 different applications, including electric mobility

aerospace technology

There are numerous fields of application for laser technology both in the field of aircraft production and in the maintenance of aircraft …

Mechanical engineering

Learn more about the diverse laser processing in the field of mechanical engineering


Read more about the application possibilities in the field of electronics

rubber and tires

For many years cleanLASER have been used in the field of tire mold cleaning and the rubber industry …

Plastics and CFRP

Here you will find information on laser cleaning of plastics and CFRP

Foods, in particular WAFer bakeries

Cleaning baking trays and conveyor belts …

printing rollers

Cleaning of printing machine cylinders and ink rollers

Medical technology

Long-term stability Pre-treatment, structuring and polishing are application areas in the field of medical technology

Nuclear decontamination

In close cooperation with an experienced service provider we offer nuclear decontamination with the cleanLASER …


Read more about the gentle process in the area of restoration and conservation …

Industrial service providers

There are also many possibilities for industrial service providers to use the cleanLASER technology …

research facilities

Learn more about the use of cleanLASER in research facilities and institutes


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