Medical technology

MediCAL technOLOGY

Cleaning in medical technology presents producers of metallic surgical instruments and implants with ever new challenges. By cleaning with light, medical components can be pre-treated sterilely and with long-term stability without having to clean the cleaning agents afterwards.

Mikroaufnahme Medizintechnik
Fuehrungsdraht Oberflaeche Medizintechnik


    • Residue-free pre-treatment of stainless steel components with safe ageing resistance to hot steam sterilisation
    • Microstructuring of surfaces such as guide wires for coating with lubricant varnish
    • Targeted structuring and generation of nanoporous structures on implant surfaces to improve the ingrowth behavior
    • Polishing of cardiac support systems and components such as blood pumps or for osseointegration
    • Laser pre-treatment of titanium battery housings for implants, e.g. pacemakers
    • Labeling and marking


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