High Power Laser Systems


High Power Lasers

The CL 1000 and the CL 2000 are power packages with an average laser power of 1000 respectively 1600 watts. The diode-pumped laser module allows an almost maintenance-free use of the system. It is ideally suited for automated processing and can optionally be supplied with the fieldbus interfaces commonly used in automation.

CL 1000

    • 1000 watts laser power (CW)
    • Diode pumped beam source
    • Laser process data storage on integrated PC
    • Mobile system, suitable for robust industrial use
    • Optional with beamswitch
    • Full remote functionality for maintenance and diagnosis
    • Real-time control
    • TFT touch screen display for visualization of laser parameters
    • Class 4 laser


CL 2000

    • Power enhanced version of the CL 1000 with up to 1600 Watt beam source power (CW) with unchanged dimensions (water-cooled system)
    • High performance, especially for large area applications with thicker layers
    • Ergonomic optics and high beam quality of the laser in combination with a consistant “top hat” beam distribution provide incomparable power with higher speeds during material decoating
    • Gentle and alternative process at the same time
    • The CL 2000 is a new product from cleanLASER which accumulates over 20 years of laser expertise and, as in all our products, highest quality made in Germany
mobiler Laser CL 1000
High Power Laser

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