Special Optics


cleanLASER has developed special optics: with point or line focusing, for special applications such as installation in (hot) ovens and the “Motion” series (systems with rotating optical modules):

Point and line optics

    • cleanPOINT: optics for punctual processing
    • cleanLINE: line focusing optics for narrow lines

Optics for special operating conditions

    • bakeLINE: heat-resistant optics for continuous baking mold cleaning during baking operation


  • wireLINE DIRECT: Special optics for inline stripping on all sides with 4 optics and 4 lasers for changing wire types
  • wireLINE MIRROR: All-sided processing with only one laser for one wire type
  • wireLINE STATIC: Stand-alone solution with fixed stop module for different wire cross sections
Rotationssymmetrisches Bauteil Laserreinigung


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