CL 50 mit safeBOX Schaltschrank offen


The safeBOX is the inexpensive entry-level model for for laser cleaning of small, manually mountable components. It consists of a laser-safe housing (class 1) with interlock safety door and laser safety window.

The safeBOX contains a scaled, manual Z-axis for focus adjustment and is particularly well suited for laboratory applications due to its small footprint.

  • Safe and small housing
Kompakte Laserzelle CL 50 mit SnapL


The compactCELL combines the very compact design with the possibility of fully automatic machining. The production cell requires a footprint of only 0.6 x 0.8 m and is equipped with a servo-driven linear axis and a manual Z-axis with scale for focus adjustment.

A large viewing window provides a view into the laser-safe housing (class 1). Loading is carried out manually via the front door. The working area is typically 180 x 600 mm and depends on the laser optics installed.

  • Semi-automatic laser system with linear axis for the processing of smaller components


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