Application testing

We accompany our customers along the entire solution chain. It all starts with testing. Because every inquiry is individual and just as versatile as our lasers.

Phase 1:

    • First of all, there is an application test, usually free of charge, to see whether the cleanLASER process can be used for the customer’s application.
    • This also includes an economic feasibility study.

What can we do when you send a sample part to our application center?

  • Laser treatment with different parameters
  • Analysis of the impurities and the substrate
  • Determination of the achievable cleaning speed
  • Representation of possible cleaning qualities
  • Evaluation of the results according to measurable quality criteria
    • Residual fluorescence (carbon residues)
    • Roughness measurement
    • Detection of metallic coating residues (e.g. zinc)
    • Resistance measurement
    • Surface energy (polar and disperse)
    • Residual coating thickness measurement (before and after)
  • Photo/video documentation comparison before and after
  • Microscopic incident light analysis (2D/3D up to 1000x zoom)
  • Further measurement and diagnostic methods (cross-section, metallurgical analysis, etc. optional)
  • Determination of the most efficient laser system
  • Recommendation for a suitable system configuration
  • Concept suggestion for the integration of the cleanLASER system into your production line
  • Dispatch of a complete test report to the customer
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Applikationscenter cleanLASER

Please feel free to contact us so that we can send you an application number for your application, which will then be used as the reference for sending us your samples for a free initial test.

In addition to initial testing, we also offer further validations and the processing of small series, pre-series samples and prototypes. Our modern application center with 9 fully equipped laser laboratories and wide range of analytics is available to our customers for the processing of sample parts from 3 x 3 mm to 3 x 3 m in size.

Of course, our application laboratory is also certified according to quality and environmental standards (ISO 9001 & 140001).

Process testing (pre-series and small series)

Process and series suitability (ABC sample testing)

Phase 2:

    • Testing services at cleanLASER or validation by laser tests at the customer’s site
    • The results are incorporated into the optimized system and plant concept in order to install a solution with maximum process capability at the customer’s site.

Prototype processing

Phase 3:

    • Limited in time and quantity, we can support the laser processing of components for series production.
    • If required, we offer laser cleaning services at the customer’s site. For this purpose we work together with experienced partners who are masters of our equipment technology and who are flexible and service-oriented and also available over a longer period of time.
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Development services and product service

Our engineers and researchers also provide development and engineering services.

After commissioning and installation, our low-maintenance products are of course supported, serviced and, if necessary, repaired by our Product Service and Support team.

Our application team also ensures that the process and the relevant laser parameters are optimally adjusted to achieve the highest possible efficiency and quality in laser beam cleaning for the customer.


Do you have any questions? We want to be happy to assist you.

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