streamLINE compact laser


streamLINE compact laser is the new „entry-level laser“ made by cleanLASER for flexible surface cleaning. The system is available in four power classes with up to 300 watt laser power. This makes the small one the most powerful fully air-cooled portable cleaning laser currently on the market.

The system can also be remotely connected via WiFi using the use-friendly, touch-based „cleanTOUCH“  operating display. Integrated signal lights visualize the operating status by means of a „shining“ handle. The system is operated and configured directly on the processing optics using industrial-grade integrated haptic buttons and rotary knobs. This means that no separate operating device is required.

streamLINE – Made in Germany

    • Complete turn-key system for manual processing available in four power variants from 50 to 300 watt
    • Robust lightweight housing made of aluminum base and plastic housing
    • Powerful, high-brilliance beam source made in Germany ensures high removal efficiency and reliability
mobiler laser

streamLINE – strong and soft at the same time

streamLINE is optionally available with FFC fiber coupler enabling beam homogenization and combination with fiber optic cables up to 10 m in length.

Beam homogenization allows very sensitive surfaces such as tools and molds or aerospace components to be cleaned gently and damage-free.

This beam control can be used for all power classes. The 300 watt laser is thus the most powerful air-cooled and at the same time the gentlest compact laser for manual cleaning.

Typical applications

    • Pre- and posttreatment of weld seams
    • Decoating
    • Joining pretreatment
    • Cleaning
    • Restoration


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