Saving costs through product innovations

The investment in a laser cleaning system initially appears to be quite high compared to conventional processes. However, the return on investment is often less than one year.

Often entire production steps can be saved. Above all, integration into the existing production line saves time and energy and lowers running costs.

We would be pleased to prepare an individual cost-benefit analysis for you.

Vorbehandlung am AUDI TT mit dem cleanLASER

This is mainly due to the following advantages

    • The minimal running costs are in part lower than with a PC desktop
    • Easy automation, also possible in-line
    • High technical availability (24/7)
    • Extremely low-maintenance and durable
    • High socket efficiency
    • Decentralized, flexible deployment and therefore no transport routes
    • High processing speed, depending on application and laser power

Learn more about the environmental performance of the cleanLASER procedure.


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