Backpack Laser

The world’s only portable and battery-powered industrial cleaning laser

The backpack laser is a pre-configured product from the Low Power series.

CL 20 Backpack

    • Average laser power up to 20 watts
    • Flexible and lightweight backpack laser (approx. 12 kg)
    • Optional mains or battery operation
    • Laser system for precise and gentle surface cleaning
    • Diode pumped solid-state laser
    • Low noise air cooling
    • Connection possibility for extraction and filter
    • Large working distance (up to 250 mm)
    • Class 4 laser
rucksack laser

The portable and compact backpack laser

Whether in an Egyptian burial chamber, in an airplane wing or in other places that are difficult to access, the backpack laser can go almost anywhere. The central element is a pulsed laser source with an average laser power of 20 watts.

The now even more comfortable carrying frame and the light construction allow longer working hours. Due to its laser power, the laser is suitable for the gentle processing of small surfaces. The mobile laser system is fully operational even without an on-site power source thanks to battery operation.

application examples

    • Small area decoating
    • Restoring
    • Cleaning of sandstone
    • Mobile derusting
    • De-oiling and degreasing
    • Removal of annealing colors
    • Partial paint stripping
    • Pre-treatment for bonding and coating

Basic system equipment

    • Extremely compact laser module
    • Combined 2-fold quick charger with power supply unit
    • Backpack package (carrying system, protective housing)
    • Laser optics OS H 20 with large working distance (up to 250 mm)
    • Connection possibility for filter and extraction
    • Fibre length approx. 2 m
    • Remote control unit


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