Code of conduct




  • Mutual trust and appreciation is the central guiding principle of our cooperation with colleagues, suppliers and customers.
  • Fair and factually honest dealings with each other are the basis of our actions.
  • Open and honest communication characterises the solution-oriented goal-setting of our work.
  • The implementation of innovative ideas and the improvement of processes, taking into account economic constraints, are an important part of our daily work.
  • The implementation of innovative ideas and the improvement of processes, taking into account economic constraints, are an important part of our daily work.
  • Our guidelines and the common desire to act sustainably and in the best possible way for the company and the customer motivate us in our actions.



  • Ensure that all internationally recognised human rights are respected. Causing and participating in human rights violations shall be avoided.
  • Prohibition of forced labour: We reject all forms of forced labour. We neither use nor participate in slavery, servitude, forced and compulsory labour or human trafficking.
  • Prohibition of child labour: We comply with the United Nations regulations on human rights, in particular the rights of children. The minimum age for eligibility for employment shall not be less than 15 years. We are also committed to complying with International Labour Organisation Convention 182, which regulates the prohibition and immediate action to eliminate the worst forms of child labour.
  • Respect for human rights: We respect and support compliance with internationally recognised human rights and ensure that these universally applicable fundamental rights are respected.
  • Non-discrimination of and respect for employees:
    • We are committed to maintaining the highest ethical standards in our recruitment practices. This includes the equal treatment of all applicants, regardless of gender, race, religion or other personal characteristics. Our recruitment efforts are based on fairness, transparency and respect for the dignity of the individual. We protect the privacy of applicants and ensure that all selection procedures are conducted fairly and objectively, considering applicable rights and laws.
    • Our employees should be challenged, but also encouraged.
    • Ideas from our employees shall be incorporated into processes and products.
    • Leadership should be responsible, fair and sustainable.
    • Leadership should serve to maintain the working capacity and health and strengthen the motivation and satisfaction of the employees.
    • Fair, performance-based remuneration that complies with all applicable pay and remuneration regulations and an appropriate work-life balance shall ensure low staff turnover and a work-life balance in all phases of life. This includes adherence to and respect for maximum working time regulations.
    • Employees are granted the fundamental right to freedom of association and collective bargaining. Employees have the right to organise freely and without fear of reprisals.
    • Employees will have access to a protected grievance procedure to report possible violations of the principles of this Code of Conduct.



  • By consistently complying with all applicable safety standards, managers, as well as each individual employee, ensure that the lives and health of all employees and third parties are protected and preserved, and that the risk of accidents is at a minimum.
  • Regular safety training and compliance with applicable working time laws contribute to increased safety.



  • Laws and policies: We are committed to recognising and complying with applicable laws, guidelines and external as well as internal regulations and rules.
  • Acting responsibly: We are always mindful of responsible, collective action globally, this includes indigenous peoples and landowners, respecting their rights, livelihoods, resources and cultural heritage, and supporting fair and respectful treatment.
  • Anti-corruption: We reject all forms of corruption, bribery and other unfair measures to influence our stakeholders. Actions and decisions are free from personal interests and considerations.
  • Compliance with antitrust and competition laws: We commit to act in compliance with national and international competition laws and not to engage in price fixing, sharing of markets or customers, market collusion or bid rigging.
  • Protection of information, intellectual property and prohibition of plagiarism: We treat confidential information with extreme care, both digitally and in physical form. We respect and uphold the intellectual property rights of others. We prohibit the use of plagiarised or counterfeit materials. If plagiarism is detected despite regular QM measures, it will be isolated and legal action will be taken by us.
  • Conflicts of interest: We are careful to avoid and/or disclose internally and externally any conflicts of interest that could influence business relationships and to avoid even the appearance of such conflicts of interest.
  • Anti-money laundering: We do not directly or indirectly promote money laundering. We are committed to complying with regulations and laws designed to prevent and combat money laundering. We avoid making and receiving cash payments. This method of payment is only used for small amounts or for exceptional situations that are openly and clearly documented.
  • Sanctions and export control laws: We comply with all applicable laws prohibiting business relationships with sanctioned countries, organisations or persons.



  • All significant business transactions are documented in a direct and traceable manner.
  • Financial records are prepared in accordance with applicable law and generally accepted accounting principles.
  • We comply with all document retention periods (analogue and digital).



  • We treat our customers’ information and personal data confidentially, responsibly and subject to mutual confidentiality agreements.
  • We protect our trade secrets and employee data with high priority and ensure that they are only used for legitimate purposes.
  • Applicable export control and customs regulations are complied with.



  • To minimise pollution and continuously improve environmental protection in accordance with applicable legal norms and international standards relating to the environment.
  • As a winner of the German Environmental Award 2010 and an ISO 14001 certified company, environmental protection is very important to us. We are committed to protecting the environment, saving resources and promoting CO2-compensating measures through the use of renewable energies.
  • The conservation of resources throughout the entire process and value chain, as well as the reduction of energy consumption and the avoidance and reduction of waste or return to the closed chain of recyclable materials are also part of our sustainable environmental activities.
  • By not using environmentally harmful substances in the production and use of our equipment, we significantly reduce the burden on the environment.
  • Our values and guidelines ensure the long-term competitiveness of the cleanLASER company and the satisfaction of our employees, who are a guarantee for the sustainable success of our company.
  • We are committed to establishing, applying and continuously improving an appropriate environmental management system.
  • Our principles of conduct serve to guide our daily work and are also assumed and demanded from our partners and suppliers.


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