Gantry Systems

Gantry systems

Laser systems for large-area applications

cleanLASER and GÜDEL combine high-precision laser surface technology with highly dynamic portal systems. The result is efficient complete solutions for processing large-area components.

Güdel AG, Langenthal/Switzerland, and Clean-Lasersysteme GmbH work closely together. Applications are e.g. the cleaning of tools and molds, especially for the production of CFRP, or the surface activation and adhesive pre-treatment of aircraft components as well as paint stripping.

Even with spans of several tens of meters, repeat accuracies of well under one millimeter can be achieved. cleanLASER thus offers a highly precise and technically sophisticated complete solution.

Automation großflaechige Laserreinigung
Portalanlage Guedel mit Lasersystem
großflaechige Formenreinigung mit cleanLASER


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