Low Power Laser Systems


Low Power Lasers

The microsystem lasers are compact complete solutions for cost-effective processing of small surfaces. Pulse powers of up to 200 kW can be achieved with their Q-switch.

    • Average laser power 12 to 200 watts
    • Laser system for precise and gentle surface cleaning
    • Diode pumped solid-state laser
    • Low noise air cooling
    • Large working distance (up to 500 mm)
    • Modular design in 19″ industrial housing
    • Easy integration into the production line
    • Class 4 laser
CL 50 mit safeBOX Schaltschank

fields of application

The low-power laser systems are particularly suitable for gentle cleaning, partial adhesive pre-treatment or high-precision processing of components. They are maintenance-free and consist of a basic unit, an optical fibre and a processing head. The basic unit houses the controller, cooling unit and beam source. The energy requirement is extremely low. In addition, no other media are required to process the workpiece.

The backpack laser is a special, portable 20 watts laser that is used, for example, in the area of restoration

application examples


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