Bonding preparation of metals

Bonding pre-treatment of metals

Adhesive joining is one of the most demanding joining technologies in the industry today. In addition to the qualified selection of suitable adhesives, cleaning and pre-treatment must also be carefully defined in order to ensure reproducible and process-reliable adhesion over the long term.

By removing oxide layers, the surfaces are cleaned in a way that is suitable for adhesive bonding. In addition, the parameters used especially in the cleanLASER process for processing light metals (especially aluminum and magnesium) in a single process step not only lead to cleaning, but also to modification of the component surface. This makes it possible to achieve extremely high corrosion stability and thus a long-term adhesive pre-treatment.

The roughness of the surface can be specifically adjusted for high and low viscosity adhesives.

Adhesive pretreatment metal


    • Optimal conditioning of metallic surfaces for adhesive preparation
    • Significantly increased corrosion resistance of light metals
    • Aging resistant bonding
    • Dry, media-free pre-treatment method
    • Dry, media-free pre-treatment method
    • Seamless process monitoring options thanks to optional cleanLASER sensor technology
    • Adapted special optics for special adhesive geometries available (shareMOTION)
    • Structuring for surface enlargement possible
Pre-treatment for boding of metals

cleanLASER is the technology leader in the field of adhesive pre-treatment using laser beam technology.

Many years of experience as well as optimized laser systems are the basis for a durable connection.

In addition to pre-treating metal, we also offer bonding preparation of plastics.


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