Bonding preparation of plastics

Bonding preparation of plastics

The greatest savings potential can certainly be found in the pre-treatment of metals. Nevertheless, there are also economically and technologically relevant areas of application in plastics processing. Whenever the plastic surfaces are contaminated with release agents due to upstream molding processes, these “adhesion blockers” can be removed very efficiently with cleanLASER.

The laser beam cuts through the release agents and removes the top layer of plastics. The process is particularly suitable and has therefore been in industrial use for a long time, e.g. for fiber-reinforced polyurethane components. But also the pre-treatment of CFRP with cleanLASER has a high application potential.

Laservorbehandeln zum Kleben


    • Area rates of up to 80 m² per hour
      e.g. when pre-treating polyurethane for adhesive laminating
    • Area rates of up to 50 cm² per sec.
      e.g. for structural adhesive pre-treatment of CFRP

Limits of the procedure

The limitations of the process are particularly evident in the conventional activation of plastics, especially thermoplastics. Due to the infrared emission wavelength of cleanLASER, activation effects can only be achieved with pigmented plastics.


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