1D Optics

One-dimensional optics

for manual or automated use

Compact, powerful and specially developed for cleaning use only

Our 1D optics distribute tens of thousands of powerful laser pulses on the surface and clean efficiently without damaging the base material. These powerful, highly dynamic systems with integrated scanners are used in both hand-held and automated applications. Due to the compact design and the one-dimensional space-saving installation of the freely programmable line scanner, there is still enough space left to achieve important additional functions and above all nozzles and suction pipes for the complete collection and removal of the removed dirt and cover layers.

Optional additional functions such as electronic edge blanking (EMS), monitoring of the focus and movement control by means of a “motion distance sensor” or active protective glass contamination monitoring for automated optics are important support for the operator and safeguards for a consistent cleaning process.

The 1D optics are available for our laser systems in all power classes as well as for manual and automated applications.

A new feature is the particularly ergonomic and powerful effiSCAN optics.

The portfolio includes:

manuelle Laserbearbeitung
OS-H-80 Optik

Manual 1D optics

    • Weight optimized and ergonomically designed to achieve fatigue free machining with efficient particle detection
    • OSH20 for low power lasers up to 100 W with interchangeable focal lengths
    • cleanCUBE 15, robust optics for low and mid power lasers up to 500 W with variable focusing focal lengths
    • OSH50 optics for mid power lasers with particularly ergonomic lightweight housing and focal lengths in 130 mm or 160 mm focusing distance and integrated water cooling and suction nozzles for particularly efficient continuous use
    • OSH80 optics for manual use with our CL 1000 high power Laser with integrated suction channel and flow-optimized suction nozzles
    • NEW: effiSCAN optics: especially light and ergonomic hand optics; 24/7 usable for all cleanLASER of the mid- and high-power lasers up to 1000 Watt class

Automated 1D optics

    • OSA20 for low power lasers up to 100 W with interchangeable focal lengths
    • cleanCUBE 15 in automated version for lasers up to 500 W
    • OSA70 optics for mid and high power lasers with numerous additional options and variable focal lengths for 24/7 industrial use, e.g. in welding pre-treatment and car body construction. The optics are equipped with numerous mounting adapters that allow connection to an industrial robot or portal system as well as fixed mounting on a console. Interchangeable nozzles and a quick-change device for the protective glass are just as much a standard feature of this optic as an integrated power measurement.

All our optics are available with numerous process monitoring options. There are also various derivatives for use in hot and particularly demanding environments such as the baking industry or nuclear decontamination.

Ergonomics and experience for use in industry


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