Our Philosophy

The Team

We rely on our family business structure, which demands and promotes team spirit. The willingness of our employees to perform is explicitly rewarded and our remuneration model is transparent and fair.

Continuous qualification and appraisal interviews, but also an open family information policy, ensure a high degree of solidarity, which is reflected in low employee turnover.

Team-building measures and sports programmes motivate our employees and at the same time ensure above-average identification with the company.

Thus, this connection to our employees enables us to constantly maintain and build on our know-how within the company.

Technology leader and think tank

By making above-average efforts in the production and further development of the process, we are striving to sustainably expand our market and, in particular, technology leadership in laser surface technology, to ensure that jobs are safeguarded, and to continue to grow organically in the process.

Thanks to our own R&D team and our involvement in joint technology research projects, we are able to identify trends and research needs at an early stage and implement them consistently in product and process innovations.

Thanks to our model of 6F initiators, we are always open to product improvements and innovations. We evaluate and develop these under long-term strategic aspects. Cooperation with numerous research institutions, the implementation of joint funding within the framework of publicly funded projects and participation in joint industrial research projects within the AiF round off our research activities.

Team cleanLASER

environmental factors

We act in accordance with our environmental guiding principle of resource-conserving production with a sustainable effect. Resource consumption is minimized for both ecological and economic reasons. Not only does the use of our products result in a considerable saving of resources for the customer and thus relieve the environment, but our “Green Production” is also consistently sustainable and ecologically designed.

Quality and customer satisfaction

We produce a sophisticated technology with the highest availability in order to ensure optimum customer satisfaction through the quality of the products. As a solution provider, we accompany every customer from the task definition to the achievement of the goal. More than 70% of our customers are already satisfied existing customers who have recognized the benefits of the technology and appreciate the cooperation with cleanLASER.


Our suppliers are our partners. Also cleanLASER has to face global cost and price pressure. Together with – mainly local – suppliers, we have concluded framework and quality agreements with which we remain competitive in the long term. Our procurement processes not only meet our strategic quality and price criteria, but are also ethically responsibly defined on the basis of the SMETA 4-pillar concept. Our suppliers are regularly reviewed in accordance with ISO 9001 certification in order to jointly meet the requirements of our customers.


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