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The laser process can be used to clean surfaces, remove layers or specifically modify them. Laser ablation also optimally prepares the surface for subsequent process steps.

cleanLASER are used for many applications:

Paint Removal and decoating

With cleanLASER both partial and large areas can be stripped of paint. In addition the selective removal of single layers is possible.

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Laserstrahlreinigung Getrieberad


for bonding, brazing, welding and varnishing

Components made of aluminium and magnesium can be pre-treated particularly well with the laser. cleanLASER can also clean and modify other metals for various joining processes without leaving residues.

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manuelle Laserreinigung Bauteil

Mold Cleaning

Mold cleaning with laser radiation represents an economical and ecological alternative to conventional cleaning methods. Even stubborn residues are precisely removed without leaving behind chemical waste products or causing abrasion.

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Duenne Stege Reifenform Detail

Labeling and marking

The laser can be used to mark almost any material, for example metal, plastic, semiconductors, foils, glass, ceramics, as well as organic surfaces such as wood, paper and leather. Depending on the radiation intensity, the material is discolored, engraved or melted.

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Laserbeschriftung PA


In addition to damage-free cleaning, metals with high intensities can even be sublimated in a targeted manner. The laser systems are precisely controllable and positionable, so that they can be used for a wide range of applications in the structuring of component surfaces.

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Oberflaeche Oellunker Punktraster


The cleanLASER technology is a particularly gentle and efficient tool for restoration and conservation. Stone and metal surfaces can only be cleaned from stubborn environmental dirt and weathering with light.

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Neferhotep Laserreinigung

cleanSORT – resource-saving scrap metal sorting

Cleaning – Analyzing – Sorting – Recycling

cleanSORT is a new laser-based real-time analysis for scrap recycling. While the components are conveyed through the laser device at approx. 3 m per second, the machine recognizes the type and quality of metal materials. This makes it possible to separate and recycle the valuable metals, even if lacquers or metallic coating materials are on the secondary metal.

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Metallrecycling mit Laserlicht cleanSORT


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