Environmental Performance

Light – one of the most natural things in the world

With modern laser technology, not only financial savings can be achieved, but resources can also be conserved sustainably.

By cleaning with laser light, many tons of chemicals and other production aids are saved every year.

Laser beam cleaning is also extremely precise. It is no longer necessary to clean the entire component, but only the area required for the process.

Taiwan Partner Laser
Buehne Preistraeger DBU 2010

Together with Michail Gorbatschow, Edwin Büchter and Dr. Winfried Barkhausen, Managing Partners of cleanLASER, have been awarded the German Environmental Prize.

Our products contribute to environmental protection

When cleaning with laser radiation, dirt and cover layers are removed in an environmentally friendly way only by bundled light. Neither cleaning media nor abrasives are required. Energy consumption can be reduced by up to 87 %. This means that valuable resources can be saved to a considerable extent both in production and in the use of equipment technology. The Managing Partners of cleanLASER have been awarded the German Environmental Prize 2010 for this clean tech process.


    • No blasting agents and chemical cleaning agents
    • Energy savings (up to 8 times lower than with conventional processes)
    • No solvents (climate protection)
    • No distribution/mixing of blasting material and ablated particles
    • Direct extraction and thus safe and homogeneous disposal
    • Saving of transports through decentralized cleaning
    • Saving on masking stickers etc.


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