German Environmental Award

german environmental award

Cleaning with Light – Federal Foundation awards media-free laser process prize

The Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt (DBU) has awarded the Managing Partners of Clean-Lasersysteme GmbH with the German Environmental Award 2010.

At a ceremony in Bremen on 31 October 2010, Federal President Christian Wulff presented the Environmental Award to the entrepreneurial duo of Clean-Lasersysteme GmbH and Dr. Rainer Grießhammer from the Öko-Institut in Freiburg. Mikhail Gorbachev won the award.

The prize money of the DBU 245,000, Dr. Winfried Barkhausen and Edwin Büchter have reinvested in sustainable projects. A solar system for the company building covers a large part of the company’s own energy requirements. In this way, laser light can be obtained from sunlight. In addition, the purchase of the neighbouring building plot has also been completed, on which an extension building for the Green Production has been constructed.

Buechter und Barkhausen Deutscher Umweltpreis 2010
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Preistraeger Deutscher Umweltpreis 2010


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