Structuring, Modifying and Sublimating

cleanLASER’s can be precisely dosed and are therefore ideal for damage-free cleaning, especially of metallic surfaces. With a deliberate setting of very high intensities, metals can be sublimated with the powerful technology.

Due to the precise controllability and positionability of all cleanLASER’s, there are many possible applications for the structuring of component surfaces.


    • Versatile structuring geometries adjustable
    • Creation of functional surfaces, e.g. reduction of friction coefficients for plain bearings
    • Almost unlimited adjustability of all roughness parameters
    • Consistently high quality
Zylinder im Detail strukturiert und unstrukturiert
Schweißnahtnachbehandlung und aufgerauter Kolbenring

Frequent applications

    • Targeted modification of the technical properties of surfaces
    • Micromachining with uniform geometries
    • Structuring of fibre composites
Strukturierte Zylinderflaeche


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