2D Optics

Two-dimensional optics

for automated use

2D scanning optics of the “STAMP” series are used whenever a special requirement is placed on the distribution of the powerful laser pulses on the surface. This is the case, for example, with the following applications:

Since high precision also requires precise positioning, 2D optics are usually used in conjunction with automation systems or statically. The beam deflection in X- and Y-direction enables the scanning of any geometry as well as the compensation of the feed movement when processing surfaces. With the optional “on-the-fly” or conturSCAN technology, it is even possible to link the scanner optics in real time with the movement of a portal system (e.g. our cleanCELL) and thus optimize the quality and efficiency of the processing.

Stamp 14 Optik 2D
Optik Stamp 14

The 2D optics are available for all power classes and with variable focal lengths. The deflection speeds of the laser beam are up to 50 m/s depending on the scanner system and requirements and are almost freely definable. In addition, numerous options are offered which enable the use in an industrial environment in a process-safe and durable manner.


    • Extraction and nozzle systems for complete particle collection
    • Power sensor (in conjunction with 90° deflection module)
    • Plasma sensor for process monitoring during machining of metallic components with intensive parameters
    • Temperature and dynamic sensors for function monitoring
    • Beam homogenization using defractive optical elements (DOE)
    • (Plan field) focusing systems in focal lengths 80-750 mm
    • Different aperture and dynamic variants adapted to the application
    • Quick-change protective glass
    • Cross-Jet systems for flushing or protecting the protective glass
    • Dockable camera systems for result control
    • Touch and teach aids (optical) as set-up aids
    • Triangulation measurement systems for (automatic) focus position monitoring in- and offline
    • Mirrors and deflection systems for variable processing from different irradiation directions
    • 3D extension for automatic focus positioning in the range of up to +/-30% of focal length
Lasersystem CL 600 zur Roboteranbindung im Detail

For the operation of the STAMP optics we offer our integrated scanner control software cleanSTUDIO as standard. This software is not only able to control the movement of the scanner, but also controls the laser parameters and the movement of the axis systems of our automation systems from an integrated software system.


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