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Laser Cleaning of industrial Printing Machine Cylinders and Inking Rollers

Compared to conventional methods, cleaning only with laser light is particularly efficient for printing rollers.

Clean laser technology is a safe, clean and reliable process. While with conventional cleaning methods a maximum of 70% of the original cell volume is exposed again, with appropriate laser technology up to 99% of the original cell volume can be achieved.

Industrial pressure cups and ink reservoirs are cleaned completely and residue-free. The achievable constant print quality increases as does the ink absorption capacity of the roller.

The roller surfaces are neither structured or roughened nor exposed to thermal stresses and possible cracking, as can be the case with conventional blasting processes. Even after repeated cleaning, no damage to the rolls can be detected.

Druckwalze Mikroskop Detail
Laserstrahlreinigung Rasterwalzen
    • The cleanLASER can be used immediately without long set-up and waiting times.
    • It cleans a roller with a length of 1 m and a diameter of 20 cm typically in about 20 minutes.
    • The time between cleanings can be more than doubled.
Rasterwalze Detail

There is no need for disposal, as cleaning is carried out exclusively by means of bundled light – without the use of other media. All removed particles are sucked off immediately so that no particles remain on the roller. The elimination of solvents for cleaning ensures that the legal limits are adhered to and that the employees are not unnecessarily burdened. In addition, disposal costs can be saved and thus the environment can be sustainably protected.

The cleanLASER process is also suitable for UV inks and coatings containing reactive binder components such as acrylic and methacrylic-modified polyester resins. Cleaning can easily be carried out in stand-by mode, so that the UV lamps are spared.

Particularly good results can be seen on steel and ceramic rolls, but also on calender and transport rolls. Whether in web offset printing, rotary printing or other printing processes, simply ask us about your specific application.

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