Optics for special conditions like cleaning in baking industry

Optics for special operating conditions like cleaning in baking industry

Normally, processing optics are used in conventional industrial environments at temperatures > 50°C. The application in hot producing ovens, however, requires an application at ambient temperatures of several hundred degrees Celsius. Our special optics are designed for this challenge in process-integrated in-line oven cleaning.

The Bakeline model series are available in different versions. They are suitable both for cleaning wide-opening ice cream wafer ovens in one clamping and over the entire plate width of up to 220 mm and as cleaning optics for flat wafer ovens with typical < 45° opening angle. Thanks to the innovative deflecting mirror, it is possible to clean the sensitive grey cast iron or chromium-plated checkings during baking up to the hinge area without leaving any residue, even with pairs of plates that open only slightly. 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Without further cleaning interruption and thermally stable integrated in the oven at baking temperature.

bakeLINE Optik für Inline Reinigung Backformen
Optik bakeLINE für Backformenreinigung

Cleaning of baking molds

    • bakeLINE: heat-resistant optics for continuous baking mould cleaning during baking operation
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