baking molds

Clean wafer molds residue-free and wear-free

In the field of cleaning baking molds cleanLASER are in continuous use especially in the field of wafer production.

Inline Ofenreinigung mit Laserstrahl

Example ice cream and flat wafer production


The following advantages result when cleaning outside the production operation:

    • Media-free cleaning by light only (no chemicals, no residues)
    • The surfaces of the moulds are clean and do not show any damage



Cleaning during production, the economic potential is particularly high:

    • between removal of the baked goods and application of the dough for the baking process: The circulating baking mold is permanently cleaned. Therefore it results in constant baking and product quality.
    • in a hot oven: Even at temperatures above 180 °C, the cleanLASER can be used reliably and permanently thanks to its specially developed optics.
    • with a small opening angle: With the appropriately adapted optics, cleanLASER cleans thoroughly and without problems, even in confined spaces.

Cleaning with light = food product compliant cleaning


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