Point and line optics

Optics for punctual and linear processing

Point and line optics

In particularly narrow coating removal applications or at high process speeds, the use of scanning optics is often no longer possible. In this case, we use point and line focusing optics that are specially configured for the application. Fields of application are e.g.

    • Edge stripping of high-strength hot-formed steel (e.g. Usibor®, manganese-boron steel 22MnB5) before welding
    • Linear paint stripping of housings and cable ducts before mechanical contact (cover/housing clips)
    • Removal of grey cast iron plates from rotating brake discs
    • Pre-treatment and cleaning of pipes or (pressure) cylinders
Punktuelle Laserreinigung cleanPOINT Optik
Sonderoptik cleanLINE mit Linienfokussierung


Due to our expertise in optical design it is possible to create track widths from a few tenths up to a few mm with line focusing optics. The laser beam applied can also be shaped as desired, e.g. to achieve structuring or gentle cleaning of highly sensitive chrome-plated surfaces.


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