Mechanical engineering

Laser technology in mechanical engineering

In the field of mechanical engineering, cleanLASER are used by numerous users worldwide, from pre-treatment for welding and painting to post-treatment of welding and soldering seams.

In addition, we supply mechanical engineering integrators with completely integratable machines. This enables our end customers to implement cleanLASER solutions with their usual engineering partners.

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application examples

    • Pre-treatment for welding and painting
    • Post-treatment of welding and soldering seams
    • Improving the corrosion resistance of welded stainless steel structures
    • Surface pretreatment for the bonding of sensors e.g. strain gages (DMS)
    • Cleaning of process residues, e.g. before painting
    • Cleaning of engraved or milled structures
    • Weld seam pretreatment of safety-relevant containers
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