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In the field of aircraft production cleanLASER supports for many years e.g. the precise, partial paint stripping. The laser light removes the lacquer without damage up to the sensitive base material without negatively changing the flexural fatigue strength of the substrate. The base material is thus optimally prepared for ground contacting or the bonding of fastening elements.

In addition, cleanLASER cleans numerous metallic molds for the production of CFRP worldwide.

In the field of aerospace, cleanLASER serve to pre-treat metallic surfaces for thermal insulation and help to substitute conventional, chromate-containing and thus highly environmentally harmful as well as hazardous substances with higher value.

Raumfahrt Ariane 5

frequent applications

    • Partial, precise paint stripping for repair purposes
    • Production of ground contact surfaces for electrical conductivity
    • Spot gluing pre-treatment for the fixation of fasteners
    • Exposure of copper meshes for contacting CFRP components
    • Adhesive pre-treatment of aluminum structural components for the application of insulating layers
    • Turbine blade cleaning
    • Paint pre-treatment of leading edge titanium components
    • Paint stripping of welding seam areas for seam inspection, e.g. from ground support systems
    • Manual and automated cleaning of metallic molds for CFRP production
    • Surface treatment of CFRP components


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