Elektronics industrY

There are numerous fields of application in the field of electronics. The laser process proves to be gentle, residue-free and particularly efficient for large quantities. Optimum results can be achieved on metallic components, but plastics and composite materials are also suitable for processing.

The applications can often be combined with component marking to ensure consistent quality assurance.

Titan Klebevorbehandlung
Lokal entschichtetes Handygehaeuse

frequent applications

    • Optimum cleaning of housing for sensitive electronics before adhesive process
    • Pre-treatment before casting electronic assemblies
    • Create contact surfaces
    • Bondpads von Oxiden befreien
    • Removal of anodized layers
    • Partial decoating of protective varnishes/insulation
    • Partial decoating of thin Ag-/Ni-/Zn coatings
    • Improvement of thermal bonding to cooling surfaces and heat sinks, e.g. pre-treatment of Cu/ceramic composite parts for heat conductive bonding
    • Cleaning of metallic tools and molds for the production of plastics and elastomer components for the electronics industry
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