Automotive and supplier industry

cleanLASER supports the production process in almost every premium class vehicle. In addition, numerous suppliers in Germany and abroad have been using the clean laser process in series production for years.

Both in classic automobile construction and in electromobility, the laser systems are primarily active in the areas of cleaning and pre- and post-treatment.

Audi Laserreinigung mit cleanLASER

1. Car body, exterior skin and glazing

Learn more about adhesive pre-treatment for structural parts or trim strips as well as post-treament for door welds, welding pre-treatment for aluminum bodies and decoating panes.

Car Body, Skin, Glazing

2. Electronics and control units

Find out more about paint stripping for grounding, adhesive pre-treatment for control units and soldering and welding pre-treatment for airbags or cable lugs, flux removal and removal of anodized layers.

Electronics, Control Units

3. Plastic molds, tires and wheels

Learn more about cleaning of plastic, rubber and tire molds or adhesive pre-treatment for tires.

Plastic Molds, Tires, Wheels

4. Engine, drive, chassis and brakes

Read more about adhesive pre-treatment of engine seals or clutch discs, welding pre-treatment of gear wheels or post-treatment of chassis, paint stripping of stabilizers as well as coating pre-treatment of brake discs or brake pad carriers.

Engine, Drive, Chassis, Brakes

5. E-mobility: E-drive and battery

Learn more about stripping of stators, copper wires and battery housings as well as flux removal of battery coolers. Find out more about laser processes in E-mobility.

E-Drive, Battery


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