Cleaning Rubber and Tire Molds

Rubber and Tires

in the elastomer and tire mold industry

When it comes to the challenge of cleaning tire molds, cleanLASER has solutions that deliver excellent results – from handheld to fully automated laser cleaning systems.

advantages of laser cleaning

    • The flexibility of use proves to be a particular advantage due to the variety of mold and profile geometries.
    • In contrast to conventional particle or ice blasting processes, the running costs of the clean laser process are negligible.
    • The laser process is not only damage-free, but also almost noiseless.
    • Due to its compact design, the cleanLASER can be used flexibly even where space is limited.
    • Depending on the degree of soiling, the size of the mold and the laser power, the cleaning time for a tire mold is between 25 and 75 minutes.
Reifenform Laserreinigung im Detail
halbseitig gereinigte Reifenform Aluminiumsegment

Typical Applications

    • Automated cleaning of tire molds in the removed condition
    • Hand-guided cleaning of tire molds in disassembled condition and in situ in the vulcanization press
    • Marking and labelling of molded parts
    • Laser marking of tires
    • Adhesive pre-treatment of tire insides for the application of air pressure control systems and RFID sensors
    • Full-surface adhesive pre-treatment of tire inner surfaces for the application of run flat structures
    • Cleaning of steel molds for the rubber mold article industry, e.g. o-rings
    • Adhesive pre-treatment of metal parts for rubber-to-metal part production
    • Inner tire cleaning
O-Ring-Form ungereinigt und gereinigt


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