Tire Molds


Whether hand-guided or fully automatic – the cleanLASER delivers excellent results when cleaning tire molds. When installed, the molds can be cleaned flexibly and conveniently with the hand-guided processing optics. Removed molds and segments can be processed extremely quickly and fully automatically with the cleanLASER.

The sensitive mold surface is cleaned abrasion-free. The profile webs are not deformed due to the force-free laser radiation. Even when installing microvents (e.g. Thielmannvent or Eurovent), damage- and residue-free laser cleaning is possible.

Reifenform Laserreinigung im Detail
halbseitig gereinigte Reifenform Aluminiumsegment


    • The flexibility of use proves to be a particular advantage due to the variety of mould and profile geometries.
    • In contrast to conventional particle or ice blasting processes, the running costs of the clean laser process are negligible.
    • The laser process is not only damage-free, but also almost noiseless.
    • Due to its compact design, the cleanLASER can be used flexibly even where space is limited.
    • Depending on the degree of soiling, the size of the mould and the laser power, the cleaning time for a tyre mould is between 25 and 75 minutes.


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