Partial Decoating

Partial Decoating

cleanLASER offers precise partial decoating solutions that eliminate the need for masking and challenges of difficult partial coating applications. When bare metal-to-metal contact is required for electrical continuity between parts, this laser process can save time, materials and enhance quality.

The laser does this by precisely removing coatings in the exact areas required, each and every time without having to apply and remove masking. Parts and surfaces fully coated with organic, chemically oxidized and anodized finishes can be efficiently processed this way.

When critical welds seams on painted parts/structures must be decoated for inspection, the laser process provides a unique and highly effective method. The laser quickly removes coatings as need to expose possible defects without the need for chemicals, abrasives, power tools or hand tools that cause surface damage and hide problem areas.

paint stripping of copper wire


    • Easy to automate or use handheld
    • High precision and consistency
    • Eliminates manual masking processes
    • Unmatched qualtiy
    • Ideal for many coatings & metal surfaces
    • No harm to substrate material
    • No media, no dust, no chemicals, no clean-up – green techology

Typical Applications

    • Paint stripping of copper wire
    • Continuity contacts for aerospace, create Faraday cage
    • Non-destructive testing / de-painting for critical weld inspections
    • Automotive & electronics industry
    • Creation of bond points for wire connections
    • Partial paint removal for electromagnetic compatibility
    • Precise treatment for design and functional surfaces


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