Sustainable laser technology from solar power

Laser production from 100% solar power

cleanLASER produces 100% sustainable laser technology with its own solar power

The investment in the expanded solar system pays off for cleanLASER and the environment.

The two solar systems on the roofs of the administration building and the production facilities generated more electricity in the first half of the year than was needed for laser production.

The new energy-efficient production facility with process heat recovery, highly efficient air conditioning and ventilation with heat recovery has a particularly low energy requirement. Compared to the former production facilities of Clean-Lasersysteme GmbH, the energy requirement has been reduced by more than 70 %.

In the first half of the year it was even possible to generate about 4 % more solar power than was consumed in laser and machine production and the associated engineering. The electricity required in administration is also 100 % sustainably purchased.

Since the new solar plant was built at the end of 2019, more than 44 tons of CO2 have already been saved.

Sustainable laser beam cleaning produced more than 100 % environmentally friendly in Germany.

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