Laser cleaning on skyscraper in Charlotte

Laser cleaning on a 54-story skyscraper in Charlotte, North Carolina.

“Due to the extremely difficult logistics and location of this project, neither abrasive blasting nor dry ice cleaning was allowed. Therefore, we proposed to perform the structural inspection with laser ablation and also remove the coatings with the laser process. The project was an immediate success … This surface preparation uses the power of laser light to remove rust and contaminants. cleanLASER offers a wide range of cleaner methods than traditional mechanical, chemical or abrasive blasting processes,” explains CMC Industrial Services.

The mobile and handy clean laser systems prove to be the optimal tool for environmentally friendly and at the same time economical processing. Due to the absence of blasting material, there is no mixing of the ablated particles, e.g. in lead contamination.
cleanLASER are on the road worldwide, e.g.

  • for the rehabilitation of old bridges (asbestos and metal contamination)
  • Restoration of chemical and refinery plants with hazardous organic/non-organic contaminations as well as lead and arsenic
  • Maintenance at fossil plants to hazardous waste coatings on trains

Many thanks to CMC Industrial Services and to our US partner adaptlaser.