Donation initiative for Lebenshilfe Aachen (Life Assistance)

Employees and management work together for children

This year the cleanTEAM Christmas party had a special highlight: the tombola for the benefit of Lebenshilfe Aachen (Life Assistance Aachen). The proceeds raised about 1,600 Euro, the management increased the sum by another 2,200 Euro to a total of 3,800 Euro.

We decided to support therapeutic riding as a concrete project. The animal-supported therapy is a good possibility to build up and further develop the social-emotional behaviour. The shy, very reserved children often “come out of themselves” with this form of therapy and the very lively children become calmer and more attentive.

The children with a need for support look forward to visiting the zoo every week. There they are allowed to groom, feed, saddle, lead and even ride the “big uncle”, the therapy pony. The focus is on promoting holistic development. Eye-hand coordination and the sense of balance are trained. Self-confidence is strengthened. Language competence expands. Continuous support, often over 6 months, ensures lasting success.

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