cleanLASER sends its own racing team to the Nürburgring

Team cleanRAD

After months of the common training preparation of numerous employees enthusiastic about cycling our team cleanRACING took part in the 24 hour race “Rad am Ring” at the Nürburgring.
The 8-member driver team was selected from the 130 employees of Clean-Lasersysteme GmbH during joint selection training sessions in numerous training drives.

The cleanRACING team was also supported by our guest driver Steve Silva, employee of our US distribution partner, who came from America to experience the “Nürburgring experience”.

The self-set goal of occupying a place in the upper half of the 108 eighth teams was more than fulfilled: cleanRACING achieved the 39th place!

But the main thing was to enjoy the fun and spirit of the Nürburgring together.