Augmented Reality powered customer support

cleanLASER now offers the possibility to perform an error analyses with the help of remote maintenance glasses. This allows customers to receive fast and competent support worldwide in addition to on-site service. Eye Support permits a guided error correction by means of augmented reality (AR) technologies.

This is realized by eye support using augmented reality (AR) technologies in the environment of the manufacturing equipment.

  • Reduction of downtime with immediate support via augmented reality
  • Shorter error analysis and examination times with guided problem solution for any employee
  • Real-time fact finding with image transmission visual display of documents, and integrated translation of text instructions
  • Secure application in a machine environment with smart glasses that allow hands-free operation
  • Resource-saving and location-independent application
  • Reproducibility of solution approaches and efficient employee training through recordings and video documentation


Moreover cleanLASER offers Data Analytics and cleanINSPECTION:

Data Analytics provides a solution for monitoring production facilities and for real-time reaction for the output increase of the machines.

cleanINSPECTION is a service for individual pre-inspection of the equipment.