Laser surface preparation for non destructive tests NDT

Laser decoating for surface preparation for non destructive tests (NDT)

cleanLASER technology enables to have effectively fast, highly sensitive and cost saving preparation of metallic surfaces for NDT.

cleanDECOAT was specially developed by cleanLASER for this purpose. The laser ablates sensitivly the coating and does not create any further blasting media waste. The process can remove paint, rust, hydrocarbon, oil and grease in one step and can significantly reduce chloride contamination in base material.

At the same time, the metal surface is well prepared, clean, dry and free of contamination – an optimal condition for all common methods such as fluid penetration (PT), magnetpowder (MPT) or eddy current (ECT) as well as ultrasonic (UT).

Oberflaechenvorbereitung fuer zfP


  • Low operation costs


  • Waste reduction
    • No blasting media, dry, media free
    • Clean process, reduction of load for work environment and operator
    • Multiple units can work simultaneously


  • Improvement of inspection quality
    • Removal of paint, oil, grease, dirt and scales from bead edges in one step
    • Sensitivity for cracks < 10 μm
    • Removal of ink after PT very efficient
    • No mechanical effect by this no cracks closing
    • No residues after cleaning
    • < 80 dB noise


  • Speed up the total process of inspection
    • Quick set up
    • Removal rates up to 1 m²/h for epoxy based triplex coatings up to 300 μm, much faster for grease and oils
    • Access is often better than with other methods

The process has proven itself worldwide with our customers in the oil, chemical and petrochemical industries, aerospace, transport, bridge renovation as well as in the power plant or defence sector.

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