effiSCAN – lightweight, ergonomic, easy-to-use cleaning optics

The new effiSCAN

The particularly lightweight, ergonomic, and easy-to-use cleaning optics

  • particularly ergonomic and lightweight hand optics
  • long focus distance (approx. 200 mm) and yet 3-fold higher intensities achievable
  • lossless and fully digital scanner technology achieves up to 50 m/s scanning speed and 3 times higher deflection speeds than usual on the market so far
  • significant increase in removal efficiency due to a larger focal area
  • convenient one-hand operation during operation directly on the device via intuitive graphic turn-and-touch display (even with gloves) possible
  • 24/7 usable for all cleanLASER of the mid- and high-power lasers
  • removable nozzle with lowest flow losses
  • numerous sensors and nozzles can be plugged in/modularly expanded
  • complete detection of particles in the suction nozzle = optimal operator protection
  • also available with electronic edge suppression for streak-free edge zones
  • highly precise de-coating, paint stripping, pre- and post-treatment
  • one optic for a wide range of applications
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