Standardized Portal Systems

Turnkey gantry systems


    • Turnkey plant for processing large components and assemblies (component dimensions up to 2 x 3 m, more if required)
    • Integrated control concept for laser, scanner and automation
    • High-precision portal system
    • Optionally combinable with robot
    • Supports optional contourSCAN technology and CAD CAM interface
    • Laser-safe complete enclosure
    • Footprint-minimized design
    • Scalable sizes
    • High-precision portal as automation basis
    • For the 24/7 automotive production company
    • Optional loading parallel to machining time via rotary indexing table or double drawer loading
    • Read more about cleanGANTRY


  • High-precision paint stripping and contour-accurate adhesive pre-treatment of sealing and joint surfaces

Application examples

  • Paint stripping for battery trays
  • Adhesive pre-treatment


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