Research and Development Department

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in our own laboratory and in cooperation with renowned research institutes

The “Research and Development” department invests in the future of laser technology. Here, numerous projects are being promoted either on its own or on behalf of the customer, often in close cooperation with renowned institutes. Particular strengths of the R&D department lie in the following areas

  • Measurement and process analysis technology
  • Laser beam source development
  • Surface treatment
Projektarbeit im eigenen Labor oder mit namhaften Kooperationspartnern

In addition, we are active in numerous research alliances and cooperate intensively with the following independent research institutes, particularly in the field of adhesive pre-treatment:

  • Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Applied Materials Research IFAM, Bremen
  • University Kassel
  • TU Dresden
  • Research Center Jülich
  • Innovent Jena
Intensive Zusammenarbeit mit dem Fraunhofer Institut in Bremen

These institutes have their own cleanLASER technology and can therefore carry out targeted experiments in the field of laser beam surface treatment.

Moreover, we cooperate bilaterally with other institutes and thus offer our customers the opportunity to scientifically validate the results of laser studies and experiments.