Restoring figures and ornaments

Cleaning of stone figures by laser in churches

Restoring figures and ornaments

The gentle laser process is particularly suitable for restoring figures and ornaments, i.e. only cleaning them with laser light. cleanLASER can be precisely dosed. They are designed to be compact and reliable. The handling is easy and can be carried out by the restorer himself, e.g. with the backpackLASER which is quiet affordable.

Alternatively, we offer restoration as a service. In this case, a service provider specialising in restoration will carry out the work according to your individual requirements.

Laserreinigung Marmorsaeule

Examples for Restoration of Figures and Ornaments with cleanLASER

    • Aachener Dom and Townhall
    • Kölner Dom
    • Ulmer Münster
    • Halberstädter Dom
    • Washington DC
    • Virginia
Statue Betende Haende ungereinigt
gereinigte Statue Betende Haende

Restoration with laser light – gentle on materials, practicable and environmentally friendly.

lasergereinigte Sandstein-Statuen


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