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Compact unit “cleanBOX” for lasercleaning of rotation-symmetric component parts

The cleanBOX is a compact laser machining center for cleaning cylinders, gear wheels, and other turned parts. This laser device can clean rotationally symmmetric component parts with diameters up to 200 mm residue-free, like those often used in powertrain applications, without changing fittings.

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    • Solid, compact-design machine base frame
    • Precision rotary table with high-performance servo drive
    • Part specific workpiece carrier
    • Modular design
    • Hydraulically balanced protection cover
    • Integrated suction nozzles and tubing
    • Control cabinet with complete control technology
    • PLC control system including visualization
    • Complete system with integrated laser device
    • Laser class 1 machine layout

In addition to the stand-alone option, cleanLASER developed a system suitable for integration into existing production lines. cleanBOX’s modular design makes accessibility easy and offers future options for expansion. The system can be loaded manually or automated parallel to real time. Short set-up times minimize downtime and allow the laser system to clean almost continouously.

The compact, pulsed solid-state lasers that belong to the low power series (e.g. CL 50/CL100) can achieve a high process efficiency for different applications. Vaporized grease and oil contaminants are instantly extracted by suction. A CLL Control data logger system enables subsequent readout of laser operating data.


    • Dry cleaning without chemicals
    • Very low energy consumption (typically <1 kWh)
    • Direct in-line linkage
    • Small footprint (approx. 2 m²)
    • Verifiable residue-free cleaning without damage of component parts
    • Locally limited cleaning (saves anticorrosive coating if necessary)
    • Short cycle time
    • Also phosphate-treated surfaces could be decoated in the area of welded joints so that residual phosphates are removed without residue (see picture on the right)
    • All-time quality cleaning and thereby an optimal joint quality is achieved by cleaning with diode-pumped laser systems
    • Optional process control technology allows a 100% in-line inspection of the cleaning process for a consistently perfect joint quality
    • Designed for 24/7 non-stop operation at an amazing bargain all-inclusive price
    • Optional integrated component marking available


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