Marking and labeling of plastics

Plastics Marking

Various types of plastics can be marked, in particular thermoplastics and colored plastics, but also special laser marking films.

The functional principle is different depending on the type of plastic and the laser parameter used. As a result of the laser radiation, this can lead to ablation, foaming or carbonization with a corresponding color change. Due to the adjustable pulse duration of the laser system, a wide range of different plastics can be marked accordingly.

The results are on the one hand very well reproducible, on the other hand the marking is resistant to abrasion and chemicals and therefore wear-free and tamper-proof.

cleanLASER’s offer the advantage that the surface can be cleaned, pre-treated and labelled in one process step if required.

As an option, you will also receive from us a complete package tailored to the needs of the customer with integrated automation.

Laserbeschriftung PA


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