Cleaning with bundled laser light is an environmentally friendly means to remove contaminations and coatings. No detergents, solvents or abrasives are used and there’s added waste.

Laser cleaning technology … a process improvement option that helps preserve valuable resources as to production and also as to technology application are preserved significantly.

Double return with clean tech for a green plant.

Light – one of the world’s most natural things

Environmental friendly cleanLASER

Laser technology can provide financial savings while effectively our natural preserving resources.

Laser cleaning safely removes coatings, contaminants, oxides, production residues and more without chemicals, solvents, abrasives, water, or dust – no secondary waste disposal.

Cleaning with laser light is highly precise. Treatment can be applied to the exact area required, including 2D shapes and on-the-fly without the need for masking.

Conventional methods

Sand blasting can be replaced by laser
Cleaning by sandblasting

In contrast to conventional cleaning methods, such as sandblasting or ice pellet blasting, laser cleaning offers the benefit of being very quiet.

The technology can easily be integrated on-line into many production processes in a way not possible with other options. Thus time, costs and environmental burdens can be reduced by completing previously outsourced work in-house.

Partial de-coating replaces masking processes

Laser precision can offer significant resource savings by virtually eliminated the need for masking tapes and coverings on adjacent areas. 


  • Reduction of solvents (climate protection)
  • Reduction of abrasives and chemical cleaners
  • Reduction of nuclear contaminated waste
  • Reduction of process outsourcing burdens
  • Reduction of masking materials, etc.
  • Process can be used safely in the field (e.g. pylons in cropland) and locations when methods such as abrasive blasting are not possible
Outdoor paint stripping
Manual paint-stripping
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