Complete Paint Removal

cleanLASER portable systems designed to remove paint from steel structures, such as ships, bridges, power transmission towers, and large equipment. The laser process can be used to remove weather top coats finishes, enabling fresh new coatings to be applied over suitable base coat layers. A laser de-painted steel surface is completely clean and ideal for repainting.

cleanLASER offers high-performance high power laser units developed especially for large-area applications. Robust and reliable portable lasers… designed to go where the work is…in the plant, in the field or at sea.

State-of-the-art coating removal, designed with technical expertise that’s backed by industry leading experience.


  • Fast setup, simple to operate
  • Uses no media, no dust, no chemicals, no clean-up
  • Removes coatings, oxides, oils & more all in on-step
  • Versatile handheld & ergonomically designed laser optics
  • Easy to automate, robotic optics avaialble 
  • Beam delivery by flexible fiber optic cable up to 150 feet long
  • Space-saving compact systems go nearly anywhere
  • Environmentally friendly – no seconday waste
  • Low operating cost
  • Minimal maintenace

Typical Applications

  • Surface preparation for steel structure corrosion control
  • Safe removal of hazardous coatings (e.g. lead, chromate primers)
  • Coating removal along with contaminants including, oxides, chlorides, oil, grease & more

Paint removal of brake disks

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