Development and Application

  • Feasability studies
  • Process optimization
  • Technical design 
  • Development of laser systems


  • Modular laser cleaning and surface treatment systems – both mobile and stationary
  • Special optic design
  • Process monitoring systems and equipment
  • Full automation

Service and Support

  • Technical consultation 
  • Prototype and pilot project development
  • Job-shop capabilities
  • Maintenance and service
  • Technical and safety training

cleanLASER offers a wide-range of laser systems for industrial cleaning and surface treatments. A staff of highly trained personnel provides the customer dedicated technical support from initial testing to system selection, optimization, delivery, installation and beyond.

Using the highest quality materials and workmanship, each laser system is specially adapted for the intended application to ensure optimal performance and long-term customer satisfaction.

Decoating inside an aircraft wing using a CL 500