Turn-key automation cells:
cleanCELL, compactCELL, cleanBOX und safeBOX

cleanCELL – surprisingly cost-effective

cleanCELL - compact and flexible
cleanCELL - flexible and compact build

The cleanCELL is a highly efficient production cell with modular automation technology.

The laser-safe machine permits highly precise and reproducible component surface processing. The solid steel frame construction keeps the cleanCELL on track undeterred even at a high dynamic.

Thanks to the platform strategy in three width classes, complete, very economic automation machines can be implemented for surface processing. The dimensions can be chosen modularly so that small parts as well as – when using the largest series – work areas of up to
1,500 x 700 mm – can be processed. The generous front doors permit comfortable loading of complete workpiece carriers.

Maximum efficiency and direct linking of the cleaning tasks at maximum possible utilization

compactCELL– fully automatic processing on very small space


The compactCELL combines the very compact build with the option of fully automatic processing. The production cell requires a standing surface of only 0.6 x 0.8 m and is equipped with a servo-operated linear axis and a manual Z-axis with scale for focus setting.

A large sight window permits a view of the laser-safe housing (class 1). Loading takes place manually via the front door. The working field is typically at 180 x 600 mm.

cleanBOX with turntable

cleanBOX with turntable

The cleanBOX is a compact system for laser cleaning of rotation-symmetrical workpieces. Cylinder, gears or other rotating parts with a diameter of up to 280 mm can be cleaned without residue without changing the fits or pressing fits.

The system can be easily integrated into the line production; it can be equipped manually or automatically. The short switching times of the rotary indexing table permit near-continuous use.


The safeBOX consists of a laser-safe housing (class 1) and contains manual Z-axes for focus setting instead of the motor-powered axes.

cleanLASER Workstations can be automated for precise processing repeatability.